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The Nexus Comex is a company engaged in foreign trade. Our staff has over 20 years experience in the area.


The Comex Nexus provides services Customs Clearance of Export, Import and process management. To learn more about these and other services, click here.


Our Services - Management Procedures for Import and Export

This service includes from receipt of the request and guidance to exporters on the issuance of documents to coordinate all steps necessary to clear the goods and delivery of these to your company or your client overseas, here included insurance quotes and rates, obtain an import permit, clearance of customs import and export, shipments and coordination processes with cargo agents, shippers and other stakeholders in the process, including issuance of legal documents necessary for customs clearance and consultancy service to matters of the day activity days related to customs.

Since when hiring the service of customs clearance of import and export, your company can count on the complete management of foreign trade operations, without additional cost, which will give your company a considerable cost savings since staff can direct efforts to benefit the activities of your company, leaving the foreign trade operations in the care of our experts.

Besides all this, we provide updated follow up on the Internet, and also several reports of performance / KPI relating to procedures for managed nodes.

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